Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since being pregnant, my energy level has been down. I haven't been my typical self and don't feel like doing much. This week was especially bad because Caitlin had the flu for 4 days and wasn't keeping anything down. So when today rolled around, I was done. In thinking of ways to occupy two kids who's interests vary, I decided to try Play Dough which is a favorite for Carson but Caitlin normally just wants to eat it!

I was thrilled when Caitlin was interested-bingo!

I of course moved her into her high chair to minimize the mess!

So fun to see they're imaginations at work!

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Kristin said...

yay! Something new for me to try. I have the same fear. I am afraid Noah will like the salty flavor! haha! And today, when I told him No No, he hit me! Can you believe that? Thanks alot big brothers and sister for teaching him how to be mean. And so it begins...