Thursday, June 16, 2011


Carson had his very first dentist appointment today with Uncle Dave.

We had been preparing him by letting him know that he got to go after his birthday. So when we pulled into the parking lot he said, "look at all the cars, all of these people had their birthdays too!" He really thought that everyone who had had a birthday recently was at the dentist. Too cute!

See his big boy teeth growing?

He was a little shy and did great! It was extra special because Chelsea was working today so she got to clean his teeth.

She asked him how many teeth he had on top and without hesitation counted to 10. He was right! I was so surprised! Chelsea thought I had couched him but we hadn't talked about it at all! I mean he have a Dr. Seuss tooth book but I'm pretty sure it only talks about having 16 grown up teeth on top and bottom. He is one smart kid!

When we left he said that he really liked the dentist and he wasted no time asking me to show Dad the picture of his his big boy teeth growing.

He is getting so big!


Gus Eckles said...

I see that he wasn't scared at all; just look at that genuine smile. You must be really proud of him while you’re in the dental clinic. Visiting the dentist regularly can eliminate your kid’s fear of dental procedures. It's been years since the first dental visit. How are his teeth now?

Gus Eckles @Dr. Thomas Seal DDS

Anonymous said...

What a brave boy! I believe Dr. Seuss’ tooth book helped a lot in his preparation for the dentist visit. Years have passed now, and I hope you’re able to guide him in maintaining a sound oral health. How are you now? :)

Dominic Woods @ GRMetroDental