Saturday, June 4, 2011


I can't believe Carson's 4! Carson is the sweetest boy, always being complimentary and helpful.

Andrew's brother sent this to Carson for his birthday and I thought it was really neat!

Right now his favorites are:
-the book goldilocks and the three bears
-the story about Nephi being protected
-playing outside
-Wacky Tacky

We celebrated by having a carnival party...that was supposed to be at the park but due to rain we moved it (mostly) indoors and had a blast!

The kids loved all of the games and especially all of the prizes!

Bean Bag Toss

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

He got it!

Duck Hunt

Go Fish

Water-gun Target Shooting
..the FAVORITE {probably because it involved guns, boys love their guns!}

Pin Drop

This one was pretty difficult but a couple of kids got the pins into the jars!

Water Balloon Toss

I kind of wish we would have saved the painting of the faces until near the end of the party because Carson looks sem-sun burnt in all of his pictures!

We finished off the party with hotdogs, water melon, juice drinks and cake pops!

I love seeing Carson with all of his friends; boys are so much fun!

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Sarah said...

What a fun party! I didn't know you know the Jennes. Maegen is one of my favorite people!!