Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anticipation Kills

So 5 weeks ago, our three year old t.v. decided to stop working...bummer I know.

First, we were shocked and then a little angry for a coupe of reasons; first it's big=$ and second we purchased it thinking it would last {I'm not sure how long } but certainly more than 3 years! So for two weeks we looked in to fixing the dang thing and after a couple of estimates, in the $600 range we decided that it wasn't worth it to fix because who knows, it could break again soon and then we'd be out some money.

Because we weren't in the market for a new t.v. we didn't know what we wanted. That took another couple of weeks.

Now, I am not a t.v. person per say. Growing up we owned a t.v. it was one of those units encased in wood that sat on the ground. Pretty similar to this.

We didn't have cable, and were only "allowed" to watch it on Saturday mornings. We watched a lot of Disney movies and I read a ton of books {because really what's a girl to do when your siblings go to bed early and your homework's done}-well, I read.

I'll admit, I was sheltered, both from t.v. and the radio. I didn't realize this until I was in 7th grade on a fieldtrip when kids on the bus started talking about shows they were watching or songs they liked...I was clueless! But it was nice because I didn't know what I was missing!

After we were married and lived in the dungeon with few social gatherings in the middle of winter, I became hooked for the first time on t.v (remember the O.C....I was obsessed!) I remember planning our activities around shows-so lame!

Now, we'll watch the t.v. in the evening and of course it makes a good babysitter when I need to shower but I always openly voice my disdain, "who has that much time," "I always have things I need to get done" and " I could live without it."

Live without one we have but in these 5 weeks I have come to realize that I enjoy relaxing and being able to snuggle up and watch a movie.

With that said, I have never been more excited for a t.v. than I am right now. After patiently waiting (we had it shipped on a cargo truck-I guess it's safer but it is much slower!

The t.v. should be arriving today and {after a little complaining} the manufacturer is going to fix our old one too!

From 0-2, I couldn't be happier!

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Leslie said...

Crazy!! We had a very similar TV when we were younger too. Happy 2 new TV's!