Thursday, April 7, 2011

My better half

Being a stay at home mom {one who happens to be in school too} is not always easy but then again it's not all that bad.

The best thing is that I am my own boss. If I don't feel like putting my laundry away-so what! But I know it will be there waiting for me the next.

Even with the rough days of whiny kids, no naps, meltdowns during dinner prep, endless messes, feeling like a broken record and being a human burp cloth at times there are so many things that i do not worry about.

Why do I not worry you wonder because of my husband. Honestly, I don't give him enough credit. Not only does he work, he plays with the kids, pays all of our bills, plans for our future, and is Mr. mom when I am away.

Our roles are so diverse that on a typical day it makes it hard to compare them; home, food and shelter vs. nurturing, cleaning, nap nazi, reading, cooking, and crafts. All I know is that I complain much more than he does and tend to expect maybe more than I should but recently I realized that his roles are just as important, if not more {because really if he didn't bring home the $ who's going to pay for the fabric I just bought to make little ties?} I like to think that we compliment each other nicely and I love it when he says that he couldn't live without me. Truth is I couldn't really live without him.

Moral of the story; I am grateful for my man and all that he does for ME.


Tyler and Lisa said...

Love this post!!! I think a lot of women feel the same way you do...I know I do. At the end of the day when we aren't so busy and take a step back I think most of us can come to the conclusion that our men our important!

annie valentine said...

Such a good post. And now I really want to buy fabric and make little ties for my boys.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this Tiffany. so, glad you are happily married to a wonderful husband and father. you deserve it!