Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eggstra Fun

Today we dyed our Easter eggs.

Easter is yet again another commercial holiday so we are going to try to keep the commercial aspects of the holiday for Saturday and remember that Jesus loves us very much and that after he died he was resurrected. Because of what he did for us, we will be resurrected and live with Heavenly father again.

When we think of Easter, we should think about the first Easter and remember the love that Jesus Christ has for us. He gave his life for us. He was resurrected. We celebrate Easter to remember Jesus so we will try hard not to think about the Easter bunny!

Back to the commercial part of Easter; Carson commented that the eggs smelled horrible and I thought that was an extremely true observation, the eggs are stinky!

Carson loved coloring the eggs and even wanted to do more!

His favorite thing was to alternate an egg between blue and green which made a really pretty turquoise color.

Caitlin was really interested in participating from start to finish. Even when she was still in her pj's when I was setting up she wanted to be right in the action! Eventually, Cait ended up smashing and eating an egg and then spilling blue dye everywhere which actually ended up being kind of artistic because I cleaned it up with the white towel--guess it's our forever Easter towel now which works because it matches Carson and Andrew's Easter ties!


Tyler and Lisa said...

Thanks for having us over to dye eggs with you! Your kids are darling!

kali matthews said...

Very creative blog title. Loooove it. ;)

Now I feel like a bad mom because I refused to dye eggs with two little ones this year. They can make a disaster out of one m&m. Maybe next Easter, but only because you made it look so "eggstra" fun. lol.