Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years 2011

We spent New Years up in Tahoe, isn't the view from our balcony incredible?

We enjoyed playing in the snow, watching movies, dancing, playing games, sledding, hot tubing and jumping out to make snow angels then running back as fast as we could without slipping on the ice, and of course we enjoyed time with family.

New Years Eve, Andrew and I, along with Eric and Robin went out with the single cousins to hit up downtown Tahoe. We were anticipating fire works and were disappointed to learn that there wouldn't be any so we walked for over an hour people watching until midnight and let's just say we were not only the only married people there but also the only clear minded one's as well. It was crazy and definitely a once in a lifetime deal for us.

New Years Day Carson woke up early to discover that it was snowing, "mom, it's amazing!" So I took him out in the snow and we made snow angels and a make-shift snow man...there was so much powder that it was hard to form but he doesn't know any better and thought it was great; just wanted his hat back! Although it would have been nice to continue sleeping I really enjoy times that I get to spend just Carson and I.

It was soo cold outside, even bundled up!

After breakfast we headed out to make tracks for sledding, there was so much snow that it wasn't hard to do.

We played and played. Caitlin liked the snow but ended up napping, lucky for us we were right outside so I got to keep playing too!

We started with a small hill and the boys {men} wanted more so they ventured across the street to make a colossal run-Carson {after crying and begging to go with the big boys}

He was the only kid to hang with the grown ups and venture down the steep hill...real steep!

We had so much fun! Carson loved every minute of it {we did too!} and can't wait to go year?

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