Monday, January 31, 2011

Moroccan Flavor

Friday night we traveled to a far land and went out to Merikash a Moroccan restaurant. Seated on the floor, the server passed out towels to be used as napkins for the evening and proceeds to wash our hands...because there wouldn't be any silverware just our digits as utensils.

The dim atmosphere was cool and after the music was qued out came a belly dancer! She danced around and then in between courses (there were 6!) she taught us some moves! We did our best to imitate her movements. All things considering, we were pretty good!

It was a neat experience but I would have liked to know exactly what I was eating. Andrew and a few others had uneasy stomachs the next day, I was fine. But it wouldn't be a stretch for the place to be unsanitary: dark light, sharing one dish with many hands. Glad we don't live in Morocco!


Tyler & Lisa said...

This was a fun and interesting night! My stomach was ok too the next day...even Tyler's!!! Fun times!

Righteous Republic said...

You guys are brave. Looks like fun though! This is probably going to sound so rude, but how come most belly dancers have chunky bellies? I don't get it.

I do too, but that's why I don't dance around with it out. haha.

Jillian Goulding said...

Haha!! Looks like you had fun! I have been to a Moroccan restaurant before....definitely interesting!!