Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Toyota,

Why did you send out a recall on our car? Don't you know mine was fine? I was a good customer and came in for service once.

You had my car all day and I had to tool around the dealership for over an hour with my two kids before my husband could come and get us {Just because he work at home doesn't mean he's always available; he's a busy man!}

When I came to get my car I was informed that I needed to come back AGAIN so that you could replace the carpet in my entire car--what's that all about?! What exactly did you do all day?

I think you knew that I was super disappointed that I had to come back twice.

However, this time I got smart and asked for a loaner. Thank you for giving me a rental car but don't you know that moving the car seats is a huge pain?

New car for the day was fun; Carson especially enjoyed it.

I do have a fault and that's attention to detail and upon infecting your um, carpentry...if that's what you call it, I am not satisfied with your job.

I do not have time to keep taking my car in I am also crazy busy in school but I would like it fixed.

Please just come to my home and take care of it for me, after all it is your problem.

-Dissatisfied consumer

P.S. Thank you for my personal assistants (your men) who were very nice to me and helped carry "my stuff" carseats, stroller, etc. from one place to the next.

P.P.S. My kids are the best, were super patient and they actually liked tooling around looking at new cars. Carson especially; he is such a boys boy in heaven with all the big trucks!
Can't you just feel his enthusiasm?!

P.P.S.S. Carson wants you to offer healthy snacks and not just donuts in the am. (he seriously chose a donut with sprinkles, looked at it and asked me if it was a healthy snack. I lol. Of course I told him no so he didn't want it! I explained that sometimes it's ok to have a treat. After continuously asking if it was a healthy snack, he reluctantly took one bite and was done.

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Karen S. said...

We take our Honda in this week to. I'm scared now...