Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Super Man

School has been in session now for one whole week and I have been gone every day so far. My sister came one day and watched the kids but besides that Andrew has been Mr. Mom and I have to give him props he is doing great! Better than great, he is thriving! This week besides his own work related responsibilities he has fed the kids, walked them to the park, put them to bed, made beds, returned library books, and even went grocery shopping for me. I seriously couldn't have a better husband this week!

These next four months are going to be intense and I am so grateful for Andrew's support because I really couldn't do it without him! To make my week even better his mom made us dinner twice this week...I feel so loved and spoiled! All this help makes me want to hire a live in maid to do all the "household" chores , that won't ever happen but I can dream, right?!

Even the kids have transitioned wonderfully. As I am heading out the door Carson has even been telling me, "Be nice to your teacher mom!" When I come home he asks, " so, how was your day?" He is so thoughtful and I love him. Caitlin is still happy go lucky and lights up when she sees me. They make being away not so bad when I know I get to come home to them! Andrew mentioned to me that he feels like he has bonded with Caitlin this week and I thought that was super sweet of him to say. Caitlin is daddy's little girl!


Another reason he is my superman is that their basketball team is yet again champions! They lay hard and are competitive. Although their last game started pretty late we went and I am glad we did, they are awesome!

Official team picture

Carson's version
I love how they played to him it sure made for a more candid shot don't you think.

After watching me take their picture and after he took their picture he said, "my turn" and posed--he is a funny guy!

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