Sunday, July 4, 2010

San Francisco

As I mentioned we left Six Flags and headed straight for the city. After eating more like devouring the food at Tommy's Joynt we crashed hard and woke early to explore the city. We left our hotel and walked and walked and walked...

up some pretty steep hills and then down them of course! Let's just say we got our exercise that day!

Connor had his friends we had never been to the city before so naturally we showed them all the tourist hot spots. We went down Lombard street first

where we ran into a Russian sailor making history just by being in San Francisco after 147 years.

He then he told his friends about his American ladies and they waited at the bottom of Lombard and we got to meet more eager sailors!

I loved this colorful home!

From Lombard we headed down to the Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 stopping along the way to get some saltwater taffy, sourdough bread, watched some crabs get cooked, and hang with some street performers!

Great impersonation Andrew!

Alex improved on this guys box, this guy was super impressed that he did a special show just for us...Alex way way better than this guy but I didn't think to record him so here's him with the tin man instead.

At Pier 39 we checked out the Sea Lions and gazed across the vast ocean to Alcatraz

Then we watched a magician pirate show that Alex got to participate in.

All I know is that Alex checked quite a few things off his bucket list while in San Fran.

The last thing we did prior to attempting to leave the city (we barely crawled along the city streets heading for the freeway for over an hour making us feel like the city is over rated...we won't be going back for a looooong time) was walk across the Golden Gate bridge which was a first for me. We thought we could catch a bus on the other side of the bridge that would take us to our cars but no we walked back (I ran with the kid-lets) and by then I was tired and it was time to go home.

The End.

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Lisa Nelson said...

looks like a fun and tiring day!