Friday, June 4, 2010


Carson is such a great kid. He is helpful, kind, a friend to everyone, and hilarious.

Carson turned three today and what a fun day we had. He got to watch extra cartoons, go to the park, and then Chuckie Cheese's.

Prior to Christmas he has been asking for a gun and my reply was always, "maybe for your birthday." He was super patient and very excited to get a gun...that's all he's been talking about today.

In fact he was playing with it by himself and he said, "my gun is pretty, it's my favorite." However, after one day he traded in for a bigger gun and would sleep with it if he could!

His favorite things right now are apple sauce, strawberries, chocolate milk, Life cereal, taquitos and of course pizza.

He loves to build things,take pictures, make bubbles and play outside; he is great at riding his tricycle. He still is quite the entertainer; both singing and dancing (his signature move is the shoulder shrug).

More to come on his superhero birthday party!

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