Saturday, April 17, 2010

Camp Far West

Last night we went up to Camp Far West with some friends just for the evening, it's about 20 miles from our house and pretty at this time of year.

Once there, the kids ran loose...freedom! In his bug catcher the kids caught a frog, a water spider

and once dark hung out by the fire roasting marshmallows and making smores.

This morning when I was talking with Carson I asked him what we did last night, he replied, "we went camping."

I then asked, "do you remember what we did when it got dark?"

Thinking he would say something about the fire, he replied, "yeah, we ate marshmallows, cookies, and soda, soda."

Apparently that was his favorite part...sugar.

As a family we are attempting to make our weekends a little more adventurous...and memorable. We have been spending too much of our time inside and in front of the tv and years from now we sure aren't going to remember what we were watching. So with cooperation from the weather we are going to have more outdoor adventures, hopefully weekly. I am excited!

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chels said...

Good for you guys! You are absolutely right, your kids will remember those times when they look back on their childhood and will be so grateful!