Friday, February 19, 2010

'Nother One

As mentioned previously, Thursday is our library day. With the weather being uh-mazing we took the extra time and walked there and back making a pit stop at the park on our way home...oh how I love California! After Carson's nap all he wanted to do was read so we read ALL of the library books (a total of 11+2 from home).

Some of them where quite long and we sat on the couch for almost two hours. At "the end" of each book his request was unwavering, 'nother one." Much to his chagrin I eventually said that I was done reading so he started flipping through the books again alone.

Showing off "mine own flashlight," which he thinks it's pretty cool!

I have been reading to him ever since I can remember, at the time he was really small (like months old) and wasn't asking to read-yet but I secretly hoped that he would love books as much as I do and I think he does!

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