Thursday, February 11, 2010

Library Singing Time

Each Thursday morning we head to our local library where we participate in their Mother Goose on the Loose Singing/Story Time. It is a great developmental program that they offer through the library that Carson enjoys. They have a name drum where each child taps their name with it's corresponding syllables, rhythm sticks, bells, and scarfs (shown below) and much more!

Scarfs up. Peek-a-boo!

"This is the way we wash our arms...and early in the morning."

Today after the normal routine, they had something extra for us. "Special dancers" as I described them to Carson from a children ballet company came to perform a portion of their upcoming play The Wizard of Oz. The room filled with over 100 kids had never been quieter as they sat and were captivated by the dancers.

Miss Linda, introducing the dancers


The Munchkins

The Witches

The Cowardly Lion

The Group

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