Friday, October 16, 2009


Lately I have been super see I even forgot to type the "r" in forgetful. Here are some examples that I can remember from just this week. This is super embarrassing for me because I like to think that I have it all together.

Monday I was driving to the grocery store because our fridge was getting bare (because I had been forgetting to buy things at the store). So I grab my purse, get Carson in his seat and we were off. Half way there I realized that I had taken my wallet out of my purse for church so that all of Carson's stuff would fit. I turned around and got it because I can't get groceries for free althought that would be nice.

Next day, Tuesday I leave early for clinical. The night before I had put my suitcase full of books and laptop into the trunk. I had also packed my backpack because I was planning to stay overnight at a friends due to late clinical hours.
My point is that I had to bring a ton of stuff.
I am driving into Marysville and I notice my gas light. Now I knew that I needed to get gas however, how was I going to buy it when my wallet was in my purse which was at home! Very annoyed with myself I prepped at the hospital then waited for the bank to open and went to in to beg. You see I only had my school I.D. on me. So after answering every imaginable question to verify my identity I was able to get cash and get gas so that I could make it home.

Last but not least, every Thursday I take Carson to the library for Mother Goose on the Loose singing time. Carson loves it and looks forward to going. We leave at 9:50 so that we are there when the library opens at 10:00 so that we get in line for the 10:30 time slot.

Yes people it is popular and when they have 100 people they send people away!

I have been going to this for over a year and have only gone to the later singing time (11:30) once which by the way is not crowded at all!

So yesterday I get ready and I should have gotten in the car right after but my brain didn't register that we had to go. So we read books, played, hung out, and got the mail. As I am pulling into the library parking lot I wonder, "why is the parking lot so full?"
That's when it hit me that I was an hour late!!

Granted, it wasn't important but we were also meeting a friend and I couldn't go to the later time because I was watching another friends kids at 12:00. Aaah!

I need help! I was staring to wonder if I was crazy until I read today that "the babies brain is growing at an amazing speed." You see, apparently I have pregnancy amnesia and my brain power is being sucked from me!! Great, just what I need. So if I forget to call you, don't show up for something or forget to make dinner remember it's not personal.


The Mortimer's said...

I think being forgetful is just something that comes along with pregnancy. After you have your beautiful baby girl you will be right back to yourself! Unfortunately I can still be pretty forgetful:( I hope you are doing well and I hope we can get together again soon!

Van Horne said...

Soon you will total forget about the forgetfulness and it becomes a part of your life. My memory still hasn't got better from being pregnant with Clara and its got worse with my second pregnancy. You just got to love it! Hope everything is going great.