Friday, July 31, 2009

Pump It

First things first; I took advice from some of you and broke down and bought a set of bedrails because I really didn't want his bed against the wall. So finally and Carson slept in his bed last night accident free! He is also blissfully sleeping as I type. I have also managed to put his room together; we re-arranged his bed and got a dresser and a set of nightstands...he's official now! He has been waking up extra early and is acting much like a rooster would this morning, yesterday and actually this whole week.

This morning with his new found freedom it took him all of one minute (thanks monitor) to hear his little feet pitter pattering around the house. After making a pit stop in his play room apparently for a Milk Dud (probably should have put those away!) he made his way into our room. Of course he didn't want to keep sleeping so we begun our day. By 7am it was apparant that he was tired but there was no way he was going to sleep again so off we walked to the park for the third day in a row before 8am- at least it is cool at that time in the morning!

This picture is not from a early bird trip to the park but from another evening this week when we got to see the Mulhsteins visiting form Utah. Although it is blurry, I love seeing Andrew with Carson, words cannot describe the love between them.

Carson thoroughly enjoyed that fudgecicle...his knees are totally bent as he sunk down savoring almost every bite!

His favorite activity at the park lately has been the swings and he has learned to pump it! He repeatedly says, "up, down, up, down."

He is getting so big and picks up new words every day. The other night as we were getting Carson ready for bed Andrew and I were talking and in response to something Andrew said, I replied, "she would go nuts!" He immediately started saying, "nuts, nuts, nuts" and laughing was really funny! He still thinks it is funny to say "nuts" but nothing like his first reaction which was priceless.


Jen said...

That is SO cute!!!! When Kayson went into his "big bed" I finally put a child lock on the inside so he had to stay in there till 8:00. I would sneak in after he'd fallen asleep and put books at the end of his bed and a favorite toy. He started playing so Mommy could get her "happy" sleep (no such thing as beauty sleep for me anymore) and he was so happy to see me in the morning =). Good memories!!!

Tiffani said...

After I wrote this I discovered that completely closing the shutters gives the illusion that it is still time to sleep, why didn't I think of that earlier! He has also been waiting in bed calling, "mommy-a mommy-a." My little man is so a little boy now.