Wednesday, July 1, 2009

House of Order

Each night before laying my head on my pillow, my house is sparkling clean and ready for inspection--yeah right!

6:30 am This morning started off like any other until I went to get a bowl of cereal and found ants everywhere! Flashback to last night: dishes in the sink and on the counter. Normally I would have cleaned the kitchen before I went to bed so that I could wake up to a clean slate but I went for a run and watched a show instead and I rationalized that the dishes could wait until morning....apparently NOT true!
8:30 am My kitchen has been detailed, trash has been emptied, the perimeter has been checked and the ants are almost gone. Still haven't eaten my cereal, Carson's stuck watching the boob tube and I want to go back to bed! Now I have to clean the floors too just to get rid of all the ant spray I used. What blah way to start a day! Turns out it is much easier to chores the the night before...laziness doesn't pay off.


Kari said...

Oh bummer! I hate ants! Sorry you had such a rough start today! I'm with you on the cleaning up the kitchen before bed, but some nights it just has to wait! I hope you don't wake up to any more little critters taking over your kitchen! :)

Monica said...

Oooh I hate ants and definitely don't miss that about California. I used to sneak food into my bedroom and within minutes those things came out of nowhere in a nice little line... but back then I had my dad to take care of them. :)