Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Carson dear

Carson, we love you and enjoy every minute we spend with you.

We have enjoyed watching you grow.

This time last year you were just learning to walk and now you are learning to talk.

Every day is an adventure and we can't wait to see what this year brings!

Thank you for letting us be your parents, there is nothing we would rather be doing!

Carson in a nutshell at two:

Brings us books and will sit and read book after book, saying more when our mouths become dry and parched.

Loves smoothies, tractors, trucks, cars, elmo, and music

He likes the water and enjoys going to the pool

Tries to fit into our shoes by walking around the house in our shoes

Requests chocolate milk by bringing us the rather large Nesquik box.

When he is on his way to time out he cries, "no, no" while shaking his head and pulling your face in order to gain eye contact and possibly avoid the no-fun zone.

He went #2 on the potty for the first time Monday, and Tuesday recognized that he had to go again and went potty! We were so proud but I am not getting my hopes up. Carson wants to be super independent which most of the time is endearing, oh but that attitude-we love him anyway!

He loves to be outside and has many neighbor friends who rush to greet him whenever he goes out front...he is quite the social butterfly

hApPy 2nd BiRtHdAy!


Chris and Lisa said...

I am happy to be the first to leave a comment and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carson!!!! You are such a doll and so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Enjoy all this special time you get to have with Mommy!!!!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Carson! You are such a little cutie pie! You have the best Mommy in the world! (And Daddy of course :)

kirsten and josh said...

happy birthday Carson. what a darling little boy you are. You have the BEST parents in the world and love you so much. May your special day be full of laughs, smiles and good times. :D

The Lamb Family said...

Happy b-day, Carson! Where did the time go?

He is so cute!

Kenzie said...

Happy Birthday Carson! You are such a cuet little boy!