Friday, June 12, 2009


I played in my first co-ed soccer game last night. Thursday night as usual Andrew had his league basketball game and his brother and his roommate Josh mentioned that they were playing on a co-ed soccer team Friday nights. How fun I thought, we'll have to go watch. I got a call Friday morning asking if I wanted to be a sub and then be put on the roster.

We should keep in mind that I am rusty and haven't played soccer for 10 years! I am not an athlete, I am just an active mom so I was a little worried. Furthermore, the team is comprised of my brother in-laws friends and his best friends dad's co--workers, so besides three people, I knew no one.

Cleats, check.
Shin guards, check.

Long socks, oops, borrowed a pair.
Confidence, undecided.

Energy, check, check.
Speed, check, check.

Before the game I was messing around at home; dribbling and trying to make some goals indoors....wish full thinking. So I am running around, Carson is laughing because I am being kind of silly.

I set the ball up to make a shot through one of our arches and I kick the ball on our wood when my slippery socks did not agree with the floors and I came falling to the floor. My wrists broke my fall and I land flat on my back! The only thing I could do was laugh and hope that nothing that that would happen on the field.
Not a great confidence builder.

The game went well and we couldn't have asked for better weather, breezy and around 70*. I played the entire game as right forward. I am in shape but last night my legs were a little sore after the game and I thought that I would be in trouble today because I used some different muscles than I do normally just running but they feel fine.

Andrew says that I didn't embarrass myself, which is a huge plus. The other girls on the team were real good. Needless to say, I have things to work on because the only real thing I have going for me is speed and endurance. I need to be more aggressive and work on my placement on the field, I think I might ask my mil (old soccer coach) for some exercises to strengthen my footwork...that is the perfectionist in me talking.

Overall, I had fun and am looking forward to next weeks game!


Kari said...

You go girl!! I don't think I could ever keep up! You are one active momma! Good luck on your next game!

kalisarah88 said...

That sounds so fun! And I love the pic. At first I thought you were wearing cowboy boots.

Kenzie said...

Good Job!! I play on a girls indoor soccer team but am a little scared to play on co-ed.. You are brave!