Monday, May 11, 2009

Here birdie, birdie

Today has been the perfect day. Went for a run. No school. Great weather. The best part was that I had Carson all to myself! The day could have ended up like all the rest but "we" decided to make a birdhouse.

I wasn't sure if Carson would be that into it, boy was I wrong! He loved using the tools and was there every step of the way.

Checking out the supplies

He was austere and diligently working! As he was building he kept calling,

"here birdie, birdie"

It was so amusing! I was pretty proud of us for building the birdhouse and felt a sense of accomplished because I kept Carson thoroughly entertained, it occupied the whole morning and Carson hadn't even asked to watch "la-la" (Sesame Street).

I was relishing in the fact that Carson was enjoying himself, however, I think all of the "cool" points that I had earned today were eliminated the minute I started painting the birdhouse to match the exterior of our house...why couldn't I have let him pick some crazy color and been one of those hunky-dory mom's?! ...I should have, but I didn't.

Anyways, while the paint was drying we ran to the store for some bird seed. First of all I have never had a bird and didn't realize how many different kinds there were. While amongst all the bird stuff, I must have been in a trance because I was this close to buying a hummingbird feeder--don't worry honey, I didn't.

Admiring the finished project!

Needless to say, Carson was sad to part with the birdhouse. After all of our building, painting and supplying it with food we had to find a home for it. The kit came with two small suction cups that fell off the window without holding anything in about 3 minutes so we improvised making it a part of the fence. We often have birds in our yard, now they should feel right at home!


Liz and Scott said...

Good job on the project - it turned out so cute! & Carson's such a good helper.

April said...

that is so cute!!!