Friday, May 8, 2009

Van Gogh

Choosing a paint color can be a daunting task. I have been wanting to paint for over a year now and with summer just around the corner and another project on it's heels I am going to tackle this daunting task. My project/spaces include: master bedroom brown accent wall, red ceiling in hall-way/walkway and brown ceiling in entry way--it will look good, yellow half bath, and blue/turquoise laundry room.

So in search of the perfect color we have this handy dandy paint wand that I have been studying for what seems like a year. Now, it could be helpful, but just like a menu at a restaurant there are too many choices. Sure, they all sound good but am I daring? No, I just pick the same old thing-love it mind you-but I am always wondering what could have been.

In this case, I know what I want it's just a tough call.

You read that paint can transform a room-yeah but it could be awesome or really bad.

Let's say it's bad, how bad are we talking here? Bad enough to dare to pick another color and re-paint, not likely. There are just too many choices. I will pick a color and then I see another one that I also like. Then I'll be set on a choice and someone has feedback about the color I have decided on; the brown is purpley or the tan is too pink. It is so much harder than it looks!

Despite my doubts, I think I am going to be brave and just do it...because...

it's too late to have second thoughts now.

I might post a picture of the final project(s) -or you'll just have to come visit!
...and yes, I am wearing "painting" goggles and that is a rag on my head.


The Fishers said...

Hey, you goofball, I am just sitting here flipping through some blogs and i came across yours. I couldn't help but notice on your side under bunco buds, you have a kelly. I click on it to see who Kelly is, and it's me. Too funny. I hear you might be coming this next round. It will be good to see you.

Kristin said...

And (I almost said 'but') your legs look great! Sorry people, Im not creepy, just thought it was a pretty good shot of her legs! And I despise picking out colors! My house is tan...actually it looks kinda pink. Dangit! I can't wait to see it though, for real!

The McKiernan's said...

I say Just do it! I am a huge color person and people always say stuff before I do it when Im giving my thoughts/ideas, and then when they see the finished product they always love it!!! I am sure it will look great!

Alexis said...

Painting really is a hard thing to do... and choose the right color. I hope you post pictures, since it will be awhile before we can make it out there to see it, even tho it always looks better in person.

Julia Kelly said...

I hope to see a finished picture as well. All us people living far away don't make it out to Cali as much as they (we) would like! It doesn't look like a lot of fun, but hopefully you'll like the end result. :)

I'm ready to start painting again as well. Would like to have it all done before the summer ends...but we'll see.