Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Days

Go, go, go! Carson is such a joy, he is happy and definitely know what he wants. The shopping cart that we gave him for Christmas gets loaded up daily with toys, trucks (his latest obsession), food, people, and sometimes animals. After it is loaded up, then he pushes all over the house. The only bad thing about the new-found portability of his toys is that they end up all over the house! When a toy falls out, or if the shopping cart reaches it's maximum capacity he gets extremely frustrated until the situation is "resolved." We joke that he is a homeless person in training-totally not funny being as there are many without their homes, but we joke anyway.

He also loves to help out around the house. The particular morning these pictures were taken, I was home "watching" Carson, I say that because I am not home much and when I am, it is my turn. Anyways, I had my apron on because I was making breakfast, well he wanted to wear his too. It was cute because he wore it for a couple of hours while he used his imagination. He cut out "people" and then arranged them holding hands and broke up little pieces of play dough for facial features-pretty smart, that kid.

He also LOVES to be outside where he runs, draws with chalk, explores the neighbors yard, rides his bike, plays with his kitchen, pretends to mow the lawn, and is too cool for school on his quad. Funny story; where we live, they are in the middle of some road construction where they are in the process of building a couple overpasses. Well, we were driving into Roseville and were stuck at the light right next to the "tactor." Carson had two minutes in heaven and was mesmerized by the tractors so much so that when the light turned green and we had to drive he started crying, saying "tactor, tactor, tactor" over and over. I mean he was literally sobbing and I think he could have watched them all day.

At the end of the day, I love how good he smells after a bubble bath, I love that he brings book after book to read but I hate for him to go to sleep because I know that it is one less day that he is little and I know that I'm going to miss this stage of his life when it's over.


The Evers Family said...

He is so cute! I love his "too cool for school" picture!

The McKiernan's said...

How funny...Riley does the same thing as carson but she fills up her little pink stroller to the very brim and pushes it all around the house!! Carson sure is a cutie pie!

amber said...

The next phase from the shopping cart load is where my boys are: they take all the belts they can find and strap/link little wagons, laundry baskets, their dump trucks and anything else that has hauling space. These are "trailers" for all the stuff that can't fit in the shopping cart. And then they drag the convoy around the house "making deliveries and pickups". Basically the toys are distributed all over the house!

The Morgans said...

Amber, it sounds like they are in training for UPS/FedEx!

Alexis said...

It really is a lot of fun having a boy. Luckily he has a great imagination to keep him busy.

The Elmers said...

He is too cute!

Were you serious about the temple pic??

Also, lets schedule your love bird session! what days work for you Miss Busy woman!!