Monday, February 2, 2009

Side Effects

Until this week, the last three weeks have been Mon-Fri least. The days were long and the nights well, they weren't long enough.

After I would get home the last thing I wanted to think about was school but our teachers had other plans with readings and assignments. With that said, here's a recap from the last couple of weeks of school.

After a week long class, I am now certified to perform IV sticks. In order to be checked off for this skill we had to stick a classmate. I was worried because when I had Carson it took the R.N. over two hours to give me an I.V. and I am thankful for my uncooperative veins because I didn't have to get stuck! The first time I did a "live" person (vs. a fake arm) I was kind of nervous because you can do quite a bit of damage if you do it wrong. With that said, it went perfectly and I apparently was the fastest at doing it...not quite sure if that is good or bad.

Poor Mark, he is constantly surrounded by jabbering women but this semester he has another "testosterone buddy" but they aren't in the same hospital rotation so he's by himself again.

For my maternal child class I received and I am not exaggerating a 176 page syllabus, yes, it was only the syllabus. To make matters worse, we received this gigantic syllabus the night before I was supposed to have read it and be in class by 7:00am. To make matters worse, it printed with all of the teachers formatting so it is not the prettiest thing to look at but for now it is my "Bible". Receiving 176 pages is funny now, but it wasn't so funny then.

So far I have read 20 chapters, taken two exams and have had two quizzes. before the month is over I will have taken (and hopefully passed) five more exams. Overall, I am doing pretty well. I have prepared and am a little bit ahead of the game as far as reading and assignments go. This week marks the beginning of practicals which I have twice a week and require insane amounts of guy a couple semesters ago got hemorrhoids from sitting so long doing paperwork...that better not be me.


The Elmers said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is crazy, I could not do it! You are amazing and showing such true dedication for something you want and that is just awesome!! Good luck! and hopefully you don't get the sore bum bum haha!! I get "mom bum" from sitting and editing pics, and being prego I swear! (the flat wide booty)

The Lamb Family said...

You are a super mom. How do you do it? Good luck with school; I know you can do it!

kirstica said...

Wow Tiff! I am so proud of you! You are awesome! I love reading about how school is going... insane! I am feeling ya! Good luck and keep up the hard work. Miss you!