Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fun with Friends

My friend Chelsie teaches at a Christian School and this year she was in charge of their musical. This was a huge undertaking for her but she did such a great job! The play was like a safari and focused on how Heavenly Father's hand is in all creations. So naturally, she dressed the part.

Her Dad flew from Washington just to see her play and I helped him surprise her, it was the first secret I have ever kept from her I was proud of myself for not spilling the beans!

We love getting together with friends because it is so fun to reminisce about the good old days. Our good friends Tyson and Kendra were visiting from Florida so we had to get together for sushi, because it's tradition. Other exciting news is that Andrew's brother Ian (to the left of him) just graduated from college. We are so proud of him. Now he just needs to find a wife, any takers?

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Julia Kelly said...

fun that you got to see Tyson and Kendra. We were sad that Tyson wasn't in town when we were visiting Florida a few weeks ago.