Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Co-ed shower

Our friends, Brad and Reiko Lamb are expecting a baby girl in May.
They live in L.A. and decided to come up for a co-ed baby shower. This was a first for me but I thought that it was fun having the guys there.
Besides the delicious treats (I had one of each...and I wonder why I am slowly gaining weight) and the adorable little girly outfits, the "cool" people (Ben, Andrew and I) provided entertainment by kareoking.
Ben keeping it real.
My rock star. I know that is is hard to envision me kareoking and the only reason that I don't have a picture to prove it is because I can't sing and take pictures at the same time. However, I am sure that the others there got plenty of footage to keep them entertained for awhile.


Alexis said...

I have never done kareoke before, that's something I would like to do sometime, but feel bad for everyone that has to be there to witness it. What a fun party!

AshbyFamily said...

So fun - you were great entertainment! Love the pic at the top of the blog - Monterey?