Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stroller Striders

Stroller Striders is an outdoor fitness program for mom's and their babies. My first impression was that I already exercise on my own and how fun could it be to stretch on your stroller with a fussy infant? But they were having a grand opening celebration in my area and they lured me with a class, refreshments by Chef Dane's, Robek's smoothies, and a goodie bag...all for FREE!
Ok, I just got back and here's the scoop.

We got there early and were there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I was standing right next to the instructor for the pictures so next month Carson should have his first newspaper clipping in the Placer Herald! The class was fun, and I met some mom's in the neighborhood. The class was 55 minutes and we rotated to different "stations" keeping our heart rate up while strengthening our legs, arms and core. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get back into shape. If anyone is interested in trying it out let me know because I have 2 coupons for a free class.


Jordanfam4 said...

Is the instructor's name Kelly?? I think I that have wanted to try that but havn't actually gotten the courage to try. Did you like it?

The Morgans said...

The class was great. Kelly was super nice and kept the class motivated, the hour went by pretty fast! I wouldn't be too worried because all of the exercises can be modified to either make them easier or harder. I am a people junkie so I enjoyed the social aspect of the class as well. In addition, the classes are normally held at parks so the child not in the stroller has the opportunity to play on the playground.