Saturday, August 25, 2007

Take a Peek at Denio's

We couldn't get the catchy advertisement out of our heads (those from the area know what "song" I am referring to), so we finally went to Denio's. Andrew and I haven't been there for probably 10 years but it seemed like just yesterday because NOTHING had changed! Although they have acres of merchandise, after awhile (not a long while either) it all starts looking the same, or maybe it was just the fact that the asphalt is so hot that it seems to boil your blood. We didn't end up buying anything that we went looking for, but we did buy a bunch of produce for $6. What a steal!

1 comment:

rob*sheena*jonah*lucy said...

I miss Denios!!! We lived so close and went over there quite a bit. And i really do love looking through other peoples junk!!

and thanks for getting the song stuck in my head...