Monday, July 23, 2007


Jobs I've held-

1. Old Navy
2. Rollingwood Racquet Club
3. Circuit City
4. Maid (practically)

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over-

1. Sweethome Alabama
2. 50 First Dates
3. Legally Blonde
4. SNL best of Will Ferrell

My Guilty Pleasures-

1. Reading
2. Cleaning-yes, I actually like to do it
3. Shopping
4. Did I say shopping?

Places I Have Lived-

1. Fair Oaks, CA
2. Orem, UT
3. Roseville CA
4. Lincoln, CA

Shows I Enjoy

1. 24
2. Prison Break
3. Lost
4. Grey’s Anatomy

What were most likely the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?

1. I need to stop looking at him (because I was with another guy at the time)
2. He is handsome
3. I’m impressed
4. He’s kind of shy, I need to give him my number

Places I have Been on Vacation

1. Zion’s National Park
2. Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic)
3. New York
4. Freedom, Wyoming
Favorite Foods-

1. Italian
2. Mexican
3. Ice cream
4. Anything that I don’t have to cook!

Websites I visit daily

1. Blogs
2. Hotmail
3. Gmail
4. Myspace

Body Parts I have injured

1. Well I’ve never broken a bone so….this could be boring….
2. Sprained ankle
3. Cut the bottom of my foot pretty bad by falling into some pool equipment
4. Road burn on my wrist from falling out of our van while delivering phone books…I have the scar to prove it

Awards I have won

1. Most improved swimmer…I’m not sure how much of a complement that is
2. Miss Citrus Heights 2000
3. Math award-shocking I know.
4. Employee of the month

Nicknames you’ve been called

1. Bubble butt
2. Tiff
3. Tiffy
4. Tiffni

Now I get to pick 4 other blog buddies to do this!

1. Alexis
2. Leslie
3. Joanie
4. Nichole


Joanie Atwater said...

ME!?!?! Oh alright. But not tonight...I'm tired ;)Check back.

AshbyFamily said...

I just got back from a trip...I'll try and get this up on my blog in the next day or so.

P.S. Love your pageant picture!

Alexis said...

Alright! I did it! That was kinda fun. Sorry it took so long to do it, I've been busy.